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Running Start

Washington State legislature allows qualified students to take courses at local community/technical college during their junior and/or senior year of high school through the Running Start Program. Students can earn both college credit and high school credit at the same time. 

2024-25 Running Start Power Point

Please follow the steps below to apply for the Running Start program and refer to the FAQ's list for commonly asked questions.

Steps to Enroll in Running Start:

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Apply to the college:

Step 3:

  • Upload current transcript to college for English and Math Placements (if your GPA is 3.0 or above)

  • To get a copy of your transcript sent to your email address to upload to college, use Parchment

  • Take Placement Tests through college for English and Math if required

Step 4:

  • Complete and return Liberty High School Running Start Paperwork to your Counselor

  • Email your Counselor to Set up an Appointment after you have completed paperwork with a parent and have your English and Math placements from the college

Step 5:

Each quarter, students must have the LHS counselor sign a Running Start EVF. The form is located on the website of the college the student is attending and in the link above. When a student has identified the courses they are going to take and has completed the form, they need to call the LHS office at 425-837-4833 in advance to make an appointment with their counselor.  PLEASE NOTE: Counselors book appointments weeks in advance and drop ins will not be seen. Students must email or call ahead to make an appointment.

College Coursework that count towards LHS Graduation Requirement Credits

High School Credit Conversion Chart - for community college credits