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16655 SE 136th St
Renton, WA 98059-5950
CEEB School Code: 480-502

Liberty High School Website
Issaquah School District Website


   Colleen Schiller  (A–E)
   Vicki Kenney       (F–Lt)
   April Flores          (Lu–Ri)
   Robin Klym          (Rj–Z)

Phone:  425-837-4833
Fax:       425-837-4907

2021-2022 School Profile


We are a community committed to educating all students by promoting critical thinking, supporting individual needs, and fostering a sense of belonging with a goal of preparing students to achieve personal success and to become meaningful contributors to society.


School and Community

One of three comprehensive high schools in the Issaquah School District. Liberty High School (LHS) opened in 1977, serving grades 10 through 12 then transitioned to a four-year high school in 1984. LHS serves over 1400 students in 9th through 12th grade.

Our students are involved in many school sponsored organizations. LHS has an award winning Drama, Music, Journal-ism and NJROTC Programs as well as offering excellent vocational education opportunities and a long history of athletic excellence in the 3A Division of the KingCo League. The LHS community of students, parents, and staff share an active partnership in all facets of the educational mission. LHS offers a variety of student programs for academic challenges and opportunities to earn college credit.

  • Advanced Placement (AP) program
  • College in the High School Program (articulated with Bellevue College for World Language, Honor Physics and Calculus)
  • Tech Prep (articulated programs between Issaquah School District courses and associate degree technical programs at local community and technical colleges in a variety of areas)
  • Running Start (junior/senior community college courses which receive both high school and college credits and grades)
  • Washington Network for Innovative Careers (WaNIC) is a regional skills center in Northeast King County. There are seven school districts offering branch campuses that host the programs for students. The skill center programs will provide dual credit (both high school and college credit).
  • Liberty has many strong STEM Program including Robotics club, Science Olympiad, & Math Club. Our AP Computer Science course is supported by Microsoft volunteer mentors. Our NJROTC offers Sea Perch, an underwater robotics program and also participates in Cyber Patriot, a National Youth Cyber Education Pro-gram offered by the Air Force Association.
Class Schedule

The modified-block schedule, implemented at LHS in 1995, consists of two four-period days with each period lasting 90 minutes. Students have the opportunity to take eight classes per semester. The modified-block schedule alternates throughout the school year, with students at-tending periods 1 through 4 on “A” days and periods 5 through 8 on “B” days. Each semester class passed equals .5 credit. Students take 8 classes per semester. Typical credit earned at 4.0 per semester and 8.0 credit per academic year.

Student Achievement 2020-2021
  • Four National Merit Finalists
  • Ten National Merit Commended Scholars
  • AP testing stats:
    • 497 students
    • 944 exams
    • 25 subjects areas
    • 81% earned a 3 or higher. Of that # 19% earned 5’s

Important Note about COVID Closure, Impact and Grading—During the closure of public schools mandated by our Governor in March of 2020, and given the grading parameters set forth at that time by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, the Issaquah School District made the decision to offer students letter grades—A, B, C and D—or an incomplete. (OSPI did not allow Fs or NC grades.)

All students enrolled in high school level courses in the district at that time received the letter grade they earned at the time of the closure or higher based on their continued participation in their courses, or they earned an incomplete, and were given the opportunity to replace that incomplete with a letter grade. The opportunities included retaking the class, summer school, credit recovery courses, successfully completing higher level coursework, and more.

Class of 2020 students who were on track at time of school closure, and students in classes of 2021 and 2022, who on track to graduate at the start of their senior year who experienced COVID-related impact to their education may have been eligible to have certain graduation requirements waived with a V grade code. Issaquah School District follows the State Board of Education’s rules when applying those V codes to eligible seniors’ transcripts. A V grade on the transcript indicates that the graduation requirement was waived in accordance with the State Board of Education emergency rules.


LHS Staff

In 2021-22LHS staff includes 70 certificated teachers with 4 holding Ed.D’s & 54 Master Degrees, 4 administrators, 1 AP test coordinator, 4 counselors, a Graduation Specialist, a school Psychologist, a librarian, an athletic director, an activity coordinator and classified staff who provide student support services.

Advanced Placement Courses

Art 3/AP Drawing & AP 2D Art
AP 3D Art & Design
AP Biology
AP Calculus (AB)
AP Calculus (BC)
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature & Composition
AP Environmental Science
AP French Language & Culture (French 4 & French 5)
AP Human Geography
AP Japanese Language & Culture
AP Psychology
AP Spanish Language
AP Statistics
AP U.S. Government & Politics
AP U.S. History
AP World History

Accelerated, Advanced and Honors Courses

Advanced Computer Science Topics/ Projects
Calculus (College in the High School—Bellevue College)
Chamber Strings
Drama 2—Advanced Acting & Performance
French 3 (College in the High School –Bellevue College Option)
Honors Literary Analysis & Composition I & II (9th and 10th)
Honors Physics (College in the High School—Bellevue College)
Jazz Band
Leadership for ASB Officers
Orchestra Evergreen Philharmonic—audition only)
Pre-Calculus (College in the High School-Bellevue College)
Spanish 3,4,& 5 (College in the High School-Bellevue College Option)
Advanced Sports Medicine-Evaluation or Rehabilitation

Career & Technical Ed Course Offerings

Child Development
Culinary Arts 1, 2,3
Cyber Security
Drama 1
Fashion Design & Merchandising 1,2
Graphic Design (computer based)
Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to Engineering Design
Introduction to Sports Medicine–Safe Sports School Award
Material Science
Metal Fabrication
Photography 1
Sales & Marketing 1,2,3,4
Teaching Academy 1,2
Technical Theatre Performance & Production
TV/Video Production 1,2,3
Website Design
Woods Technology 1,2,3

All teachers maintain a website presence to support students accessing their curriculum. The LHS library subscribes to online databases accessible from any of the computers in the building, as well as from home. Liberty High School takes full advantage of its computer rich environment maintaining a website as a student, staff, parent and community resource. The ISD has also partnered with the King County Library system in providing electronic library cards for students.

Graduation Requirements

Liberty High School operates on a Carnegie Credit/Unit system with two semesters, each lasting 18 - weeks, and earning one credit unit for each full-year subject passed or one-half unit for each semester-length course passed. Classes meet 200+ minutes per week for a 18 - week semester. Students must earn 28 credits to graduate. Please visit the counseling website and course guide site for detailed information credit requirements.

Social Studies
Career/Technical Education
Physical Education
Fine/Applied Art
Core Elective
General Electives
World Language (Class of 2019+ / College Bound Student)

LHS does not rank students. We use the Latin System of
Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude and Cum Laude to recognize academic achievement.


Liberty High Class of 2021 indicated the following post high school plans.

Four year college 80%
Two year college 7%
Employment/Military/Other 13%

Mean SAT and Average ACT scores - 2020
2021 info not yet available. Will update once received

  LHS State National
SAT Reading and Writing 605 573 561
SAT Math 633 577 574
ACT Composite 26.5 22.1 20.8


Grade Point Average is computed using semester grades for all classes starting in 9th grade. Grades for Advanced Placement and College in the High School classes are weighted only for determination of class rank, which we do not report, but not for grade point average. (S) Satisfactory, (U) Unsatisfactory, (NC) No credit, and (P) Pass grades are excluded from calculation of GPA.

A    4.0
A-  3.7
B+ 3.3
B   3.0
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C   2.0
C- 1.7


Class of 2021
GPA Total % of class
3.5–4.0 177 43
3.0–3.49 93 23
2.5–2.99 77 19
2.0–2.49 52 13
1.99 & below 10 2
Total 409 100%