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Rotary Winners - October

October Rotary Students of the Month stand together with their rewards

Please join us in recognizing two of our outstanding seniors, Zane Heuer and Severin Iverson, who were honored as the LHS Rotary Students of the Month for World Languages on Tuesday, October 24thth.

Andrea Noon nominated Zane Heuer on behalf of the LHS World Language department. Andrea says “Zane is one of the top Spanish students I have encountered in my career. He has a passion for language and while studying Spanish has consistently performed above and beyond expectations. Zane was in AP Spanish last year and earned a 5 on the AP exam; this was not unexpected as Zane's fluency is phenomenal. Zane consistently communicates with me, inside and outside of the classroom, in Spanish, and has modeled a love for learning to his peers and underclassmen this year as a peer tutor in Spanish 1. Zane is willing to put in extra work to help me in the classroom; he created songs of the week for me to use in AP Spanish, and as a peer tutor is thinking about ways he can present information to students that will best help students to learn new material. Zane is a member of Liberty's Green Team which focuses on improving our environmental focus at school. He is also a member of Art Club and has created posters in Spanish to increase their membership. Zane plans to pursue linguistics or music, and may apply directly to a university in Spain. I'm very proud of Zane and honored to have had him as a student. 

Motoko Abe was happy to nominate Severin from her AP Japanese class. She says “Severin is a great challenger who always tries new things and tests himself. His behavior will serve as a role model for many students. I would like to continue to pay my respects to the fearless and dignified Severin”.

Congratulations Zane and Severin, we’re excited for your future!

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