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November Rotary Students of the Month

Students Nicole Hume and Carson Tyler were nominated as LHS's Rotary Students of the Month for November.

Please join us in recognizing two of our outstanding seniors, Nicole Hume and Carson Taylor, who will be honored as the Liberty High School (LHS) Rotary Students of the Month for STEM on Tuesday, November 22nd

Science Teacher, Erin Stephens was happy to nominate Hume on behalf of our LHS Science Department. “Nicole stands out as a student who seeks to understand everything scientific at a deep level, leaving no rock unturned. She is insatiably curious and driven to know how the world works. Nicole was able to make amazing and insightful connections between the science classes she took and also between concepts in Biology. She watched the Isopods in my room beyond the experiment we did early in the year and reported on their activities. Nicole could be counted on to work with anyone and improve their understanding of science and through working with others, she would learn from them as well.”

Teachers Thomas Kennedy and Angie Kruzich co-nominated Carson Taylor on behalf of our LHS Math Department. Kennedy notes “Carson is an awesome student and a helpful classmate. He is also the kind of student who is constantly looking to connect his learning to his other interests. Carson is active in Robotics, 3D printing, computer science and personal explorations. In AP Calculus last year, Carson showed off a calculator program that could build the Mandelbrot set fractal. There was no school assignment attached to this. Carson’s motivation to develop and optimize this program was strong and intrinsic. This curiosity and ability to implement his learning sets Carson apart.” Kruzich also added, “Carson took AP Statistics sophomore year and he was an amazing student on zoom. You could count on Carson to participate and provide insight when participation from most students was minimal. Now in person in AP Calculus BC his mathematical strengths shine through once again. I am looking forward to watching him continue to grow and amaze this year!”

Congratulations Nicole and Carson, we’re excited for your future!