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January Rotary Students of the Month

Photos of two students who earned the Rotary Student of the Month honor.

Please join us in recognizing two of our outstanding seniors, Eva Wirta and Jack Faris. They will be honored as the LHS Rotary Students of the Month for Art and Music on Tuesday, January 24th. 

Anne Cooper was excited to nominate Eva Wirta on behalf of our LHS Art Department. “Eva stands out because of the dedication she has to pursue her ideas. She is patient and dedicated, willing to research and explore ideas before creating her final artwork. Her artworks are insightful and each has meaning. She is a student that other students look to for critique of their work because they know it will be insightful and respectful. Eva is also very responsible and does a wonderful job communicating with her teachers and fellow students. She is well-liked by her peers and classmates and has developed a great group of friends after transferring to Liberty during the pandemic. She is a true Liberty patriot and we are looking forward to seeing her accomplish great things in college and beyond.”

Erick Price was happy to recognize Jack Faris on behalf of our LHS Music Department. Erick notes, “Jack has been an invaluable member of Liberty Choirs during my tenure as choir director. In class, he is a leader in both the tenor section and the choir as a whole. Jack has shown an eagerness to learn not only more about the performance aspects of music, but also the technical and theoretical aspects as well. He excels academically and in musical performance. Outside of the curricular choirs, Jack is also a member and leader in our Jazz Choir and a member of our leadership team the Guiding Counsel. Jack has participated in regional honor choirs for the past two years and his ensemble's regional performance at Solo & Ensemble Contest earned them a ticket to State Solo & Ensemble Contest last year. Above all of this, it is a pleasure to have Jack in choir. He brings joy, heart, and a strong work ethic to class on a daily basis."

Congratulations Eva and Jack, we’re excited for your future!

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