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December Rotary Students of the Month

School photo of two students who were chosen as students of the month for December.

Please join us in recognizing two of our outstanding seniors, Anthony Mangus and James Wilson, who will be honored as the LHS Rotary Students of the Month for English and Social Studies on Tuesday, December 13.

Henry Level, Kris Daughters, and Jenn Dragavon were happy to nominate Anthony Mangus on behalf of our LHS English Department. “Anthony Mangus is an exceptional student in the English Language Arts classroom. He is cheerful and easygoing, and consistently uses his natural intellectual curiosity to add meaningful insights to literary discussions. He's a leader in the classroom who often helps to steer the discussion to specific text details while making smart observations about their significance. He works well with his peers and contributes to a positive learning environment. The Liberty High School English Department is thrilled to name Anthony as their Rotary student of the month!”

Ross Matheny nominated James Wilson on behalf of our LHS Social Studies Department. Ross notes, “James’ notable combination of consistent academic focus and success along with his cheerful, optimistic disposition led to all of our class having a better, more meaningful learning experience. He showed curiosity and a desire to improve his skills and build his knowledge, which really helped others see what is possible for a successful student. He was an excellent leader in class, and I am thrilled to have had the chance to work with him.”

Congratulations Anthony and James, we’re excited for your future!