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Senior Class of 2023 Events


Hello Seniors and Families

Congratulations on the start of your senior year! There are several senior related “events” happening in the next month. Please put these dates on your calendar so you don’t miss out.

The first is the senior class meeting on Tuesday, September 27th during FLEX time (9:25- 10:05). Seniors will report to the football field immediately after 1st period (9:20) and gather for the 2023 picture. After the photo, all seniors will proceed to the PAC for a quick meeting where they will receive information about graduation items and PTSA sponsored senior events.

Here is a quick list of important deadlines


Senior Meeting & 2023 Photo

At this meeting Jostens will be there to explain cap/gown and graduation announcements ordering, PTSA will discuss the senior grad party.

September 27, 2022 Meet at 9:25am in the stadium for the photo

Jostens Collecting Orders - bring your grad items order to school

October 7, 2022 In the commons during both lunches

Senior pictures due (both baby photo and senior picture)

Due November 1, 2022 Submission Instructions are below
Senior Quotes Due Due November 1, 2022 Link to submit quote is below
Senior Ads Due February 2023 Ad sales will open soon and be due in February. More info on this to come soon.
Prom May 19, 2023 Hall at Fauntleroy

T-Mobile Park

Time - TBD

Senior Picture INFO

There will be two deadlines for Senior Yearbook Portraits this year. The first deadline will be Tuesday, November 1st, 2022. The second (and final) deadline will be Thursday, December 1st, 2022. To be clear, the first deadline is soft, meaning you still have until the second deadline to officially submit your portrait. The second deadline is the hard and final deadline for your portrait. No portraits will be accepted after the second deadline.

You are free to use your own photographer for Senior Portraits or take your own picture using your phone. The portrait mode on phones takes nice pictures. If no portrait is received by December 1st , we will use student ID photos taken on campus by Dorian at the beginning of the school year (your ASB photo).

Please follow the instructions for submission carefully. We will be sorting through 600+ photos so correctly naming the photo is REALLY important.

Portrait Guidelines:

We are looking for a classic headshot image of your student. The best photos are those with simple backgrounds, with space above the head and shoulders for ample cropping. Ideal images are those taken in a vertical manner. The higher the resolution, the better. I would recommend at least 300 DPI.

Senior Picture Submission Instructions

Senior pictures (both baby & senior pic) and senior quotes are due on November 1st. We only need ONE senior photo and ONE baby photo. Below is a sample of how these pictures will appear in the yearbook.

Senior picture example in yearbook

VERY IMPORTANT -- When you submit your photos PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW – if you do not rename your photo, it makes it very difficult to identify the student

How to submit your SENIOR PICTURE and BABY PICTURE:

Step 1: Rename your photo with your student’s name and photo type (last name, first name – senior pic) If you do not rename the photo, it is very difficult for us to identify your student.

· Using a PC or Mac simply right click on the photo and select ‘rename’

Example: Smith, John – senior picture OR Smith, John – baby picture

It should look like this when submitting it.

Senior pic example

Step 2: Follow this link: and follow instructions.

If for some reason, you click on the link above and it asks for an access code use this – 0N6UVioqq3FuUA4G2LhCgfA

How to submit your SENIOR QUOTE:

Follow this LINK -- you may need to login to your Microsoft 365 account. It is the same as your school login.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Amy Cooke --

  • Seniors
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