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Homecoming Week Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Homecoming anyway?

Many schools and universities hold annual homecomings as a way to welcome back previous students and staff. It’s a reminder that you’re always a Patriot, even after you’ve graduated. At Liberty, it’s also a fun-filled celebration of our school culture, spirit, and traditions—along with a healthy dose of class competition.

When is Liberty’s Homecoming this year?

Homecoming Week: October 10-14, 2022
Homecoming Dance: October 15, 2022

What events or activities happen during the week?

Each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) hosts a spirit day. There are decorated hallways throughout the school and large class posters in the commons that go along with each spirit day, along with a dress-up competition for the day. There will be lunch and after-school activities on most days, along with a school-wide scavenger hunt (for spirit gear prizes). The week is capped off with a school-wide assembly on Friday afternoon.

How can I help my class earn points during Homecoming Week?

If you’re available, come help your class officers decorate your hallway space on Saturday 10/8 from 10am-4pm. Your class earns points for each student who comes to help. The biggest way to earn points is to dress up EVERY DAY. ASB students will count the dressed-up students during 2nd period each day. These points will be added to the points from the hallway decorations, posters, and tug-of-war competition during the assembly.

Why should I want my class to earn points during Homecoming Week?

For fun, glory and bragging rights. The only time the classes compete is in October (during Patriots in Pink and Homecoming) so this is your one chance to really prove Senior, Junior, Sophomore, or Freshman power.

Do I only dress up on my class’s day?

No!! Dress up each day, no matter which class is hosting the spirit day. The more days you dress up, the more points you add to your class total.

Do people really dress up each day?

Yes!! You’ll see students and staff wearing all sorts of things every day. Think about how much blue and green you see on campus on LHS Spirit days, or how much pink was in our school on Patriots in Pink day. Homecoming is just like that, if not more.

Do I have to bring a date to the dance?

No! Some students will choose to bring a date, but the majority attend in groups with friends.

Dance details:

Date: October 15, 2022

Time: 8-11PM

Location: Commons

Ticket Price: Early Bird (October 3-October 14), $20 with ASB, $25 without ASB, $30 at the door

Dress Code: Semi formal

What if I want to bring someone from another school to the dance?

Guests are welcome to attend Homecoming with an LHS student. Guest passes are available online on the LHS website and due October 12.

Homecoming Tickets FAQ:

Homecoming tickets are now for sale online – no more waiting in line at the ASB Bookkeeper’s office to purchase your homecoming tickets!  Here’s how you can purchase your homecoming ticket online:

Go to to sign into your (or your student’s) pay online account.  If you need assistance logging in, please contact the ASB bookkeeper at for assistance.  Once logged in, please select the student for whom you are shopping.  Under Shop select Items at Student’s School.  On the next screen select the category Dances.  On the next screen you will see two items available for sale – Homecoming Ticket for Student with an ASB card, and Homecoming Ticket for Student without an ASB card.  Only one of these items will be available for each student to purchase based upon whether or not they have a current year ASB card.

Click on the Homecoming Ticket that is available for your student to purchase.  You may only purchase one ticket for each student – each student must purchase their own ticket, even if you are going with a date or in a group. 

homecoming tickets

Next you will be required to answer two questions. 

  1. “Are you bringing a non-LHS guest?”  From the drop down box, choose either yes or no. 
  2. “If yes, what is their legal name and school?”  If you answered no to the first question, simply answer N/A to the second question.  If you answered yes to the first question, please enter your guest’s legal name and school. 

You will then finish checking out and pay for your ticket. 

If you are bringing a non-LHS guest, you will also be required to complete a guest pass.  For more information about guest passes, see question below about buying a ticket for a guest who does not currently attend LHS.   

Tickets will be available for sale online from Monday October 3rd through Friday October 14th at 2pm.  The dance is on Saturday, October 15th.

What are the prices for Homecoming Tickets?  For students with an ASB card who purchase on or before Friday October 14th at 2pm the price is $20.  For students without an ASB card who purchase on or before Friday October 14th at 2pm, and for non-LHS guests the price is $25.  For students who purchase at the door of the dance, regardless of whether or not they have an ASB card, the price is $30. 

Will I receive a physical ticket after I purchase it?  No.  Your student’s name will go on the list of students who have purchased tickets, and their name will be checked off at the door of the dance.

When does the online sale take place?  It begins Monday October 3rd, and ends on Friday October 14th at 2pm.

Can I still purchase a ticket at the ASB Bookkeeper’s office?  Yes, tickets will be available for sale from the ASB Bookkeeper’s office from Monday October 3rd through Friday October 14th at 2pm.  Each student must purchase their own ticket.    

What if I forget to purchase an online ticket?  Tickets will still be for sale from the ASB Bookkeeper’s office until 2pm on Friday October 14th, and also at the door of the dance on Saturday October 15th.

What if I need to purchase a ticket for my guest who does not currently attend LHS?  If you are inviting a guest who does not currently attend LHS, then you will need to complete a Guest Pass form, available from the form boxes on the wall near the Attendance Secretary’s window, or can be printed out online from the LHS Website (go to Student Life, then Activities, then a link to the form will be on the right side of the webpage).  Each LHS student may invite only one non-LHS guest.  Once you have completed the Guest Pass form, please return it into the main office.  The form will be reviewed by your assistant principal, and either approved or not.  If not, you will be contacted for additional information.  When / if the Guest Pass form is approved, a fee will then be assessed to your account for your guest’s ticket (assuming you have already purchased your own ticket).  You must then go online or go to the ASB Bookkeeper’s office to pay for your guest’s ticket.  Guest Pass forms must be turned into the main office no later than the end of school on Wednesday October 12th; and guest ticket purchased by 2pm on Friday October 14th. 

What if I should receive a discounted price for my ticket?  When you log onto the pay online system, the website will know that you are to receive a discounted ticket.  Your price will be reduced from the normal price.  Even if the price is $0, you must still go onto the pay online system or to the ASB Bookkeeper’s office to purchase your ticket.  This is how we know you plan on attending the Homecoming Dance.  Discounted price tickets will NOT be available at the door; they are only available online or from the ASB Bookkeeper's office.  


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