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District Shares Athletics Program Changes for 2024-25

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Dear Issaquah School District Community, 

I am writing to share an important update regarding our high school athletic programs. After thorough consideration and engagement with our community, we have made the difficult decision to eliminate gymnastics from the athletic offerings at our comprehensive high schools. 

This decision was not made lightly. We understand and deeply appreciate the dedication, passion, and effort that our student-athletes, coaches, and families have invested in gymnastics throughout the years. The gymnastics program has produced remarkable athletes and has been a source of pride for our schools and community. 

Several critical factors led us to this conclusion: 

1. Resource Allocation: The financial and logistical resources required to sustain the gymnastics program have become increasingly challenging to manage when reconciled with the number of students involved. These resources will be redirected to support two new girls sports programs, Badminton and Flag Football.  

2. Facility Limitations: The specialized facilities needs and equipment necessary for gymnastics are costly to maintain and significantly limit space use for other winter sports programs. Our aim is to ensure equitable and high-quality opportunities for all student-athletes across a diverse range of sports, which involves ensuring adequate space and capacity.  

3. Student Interest and Participation: In recent years, we have observed a sharp decline in student participation in gymnastics. Due to the specialized nature of gymnastics and the need for significant year-round training for interested students, the barrier to entry is high. This trend, combined with the growing interest in other sports, suggests a shift in the needs and preferences of our student body.  

Throughout this process, we have reviewed input and feedback from student-athletes, parents, coaches, and community members. Our athletic directors met with athletes individually and in groups to listen. We recognize the emotional impact of this decision and are committed to supporting our gymnastics athletes during this transition. The timing of the decision is intended to allow affected students to explore alternative athletic opportunities within our schools and in the broader community. We will work closely with those who are interested. 

We remain dedicated to providing a robust and diverse athletic program that supports the interests and well-being of all our students.  

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me directly. 


Jordan Frost 
District Athletic and Activities Director 


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